Saturday, 5 March 2011

Oscar - 9 months

He's starting to look like such a big boy. He has a new smile on display and teeth to show off. He's wanting to crawl so badly but mostly just bobbing up and down on all fours. He loves to be standing up and will "walk" while you hold his hands. Today he started waving when we said "Hi" and I about cried. He still loves to nurse, but we're slowly finding foods he loves; plain pasta, vanilla yogurt, apple biscuits and BREAD and pita. The boy loves carbs like his Momma and Nannie!


Stephie C said...

Eeee so cute and love that romper! I am so sorry for lack of comments your blog got lost amongst my gazillions I have on my follow list! Making note to self to check yours out more! :)

Ashley said...

No worries Steph! My blog doesn't seem to have a real theme to it, I just post whatever and whenever! :o)