Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lists 11-14

^I PUT 2 "L"'s IN THE WORD TRAVELING. Embarrassing? yes. But markers don't come with spell check. O well. I'm behind because I've been sick...and then kids got sick. Oz was sick, Tilda was just loud. I'm so tired. So freakin' tired. When am I going to NOT be tired again?

Monday, 10 March 2014

Lists 7,8, & 9

This weekend has been crazy busy but so much fun! So my lists took a back seat for the weekend (not mentally tho. I was thinking about them, so it was quick to put them together) while we were GO GO GO this weekend. We had company for the weekend, cupcakes for breakfast, work, the roller derby, a trip to the zoo, and a few great finds at the books store. I even was able to do the grocery shopping solo and had a chai which was a HUGE treat for me. But anyways...LISTS. I made them:

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Day 3: My Ideal Day

Just a smidgen of me feels guilty for not having an "ideal day" featuring my kids. But I'm sort of burnt out at the moment. Last night I had virtually no sleep, and I've had 2 pretty demanding young ones today. So all my daydreams were about the day when me and Griff can finally slip away camping for a weekend and that be OKAY. I'm thinking it'll be 2 years still, but we'll get there.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

#30 Days of Lists--- Day One

A few years ago, my friend Christie found a thing called 30 Days of Lists. That first year was free. It was when Oz was a baby, and I need a creative outlet. I've done a few more of their lists since then (which are not free, but still completely worth it). Here I find myself again, with a new little baby, and needing an outlet for creativity. Quick, direct, thoughtful creativity.

Angel Oak

The other weekend we spent down in Charleston (specifically Isle of Palms). We walked the beach, we ate overpriced food, we visited the South Carolina Aquarium, and most importantly-to me at least- we paid a visit to Angel Oak. 

Angel Oak is an awe-inspiring site. The street is massive and sprawling. It reaches up and then spreads it's branches wide, dipping back to touch the earth, and twists on itself. In it's presence, you do feel like you're at church. 

This was our second visit, the first time we went was on a Monday and it was sunny and virtually empty. The photos I took on that day were especially beautiful, but sadly, I haven't uploaded them. Maybe one day. 

On a Sunday, there was a lot more traffic, but it was still a great visit. These were just photos taken with a camera phone, but you still get an idea for how beautiful she is.