Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Little Acorns

I have been singing this a lot lately. Considering my last post, I'm sure you can follow along and see why :)

Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Wrap Up

January, you have not been kind. I'm hopeful for a kinder February. Here's what happened in January:

  • We moved in with my parents while our kitchen has been worked on. It flooded the weekend between Christmas and New Year's, and we were hoping the floors would dry out and be fine. NOPE. Thank Maude, for homeowner's insurance. But it's not as easy as putting a kitchen in and moving back. No, we had to move everything out of the kitchen and living room, since they share floor space and the floors have to be stained to match. And we figured if we're doing that much of our space, we'd do all of it. So we have moved THE ENTIRE HOUSE into cubes. I moved into our home thinking we wouldn't be moving for years. HA!
  • Costco sold me a bad tire and now won't take responsibility for the fact that they sold a tire that could cause possible damage to my car. The whole thing has been baffling. Costco gets so much press for being a reputable, ethical company, but when it has come to this issue with them selling me the wrong tire, they have been unconscionable. Seriously, some of the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I would never recommend anyone *ANYONE* buying their tires from Costco (especially drivers of Subaru, Audi, and/or Volkswagen).
  • My car had to be worked on from where it was hit in December. So we were a 1 car family for a little over a week. Which is just a hassle (never mind the fact that they kept the car for 5 days longer than they said).
  • EVERYONE WAS SICK. Whatever hellish bug has taken over Greenville, we got. It was Tilda's first stomach bug too, which was awful. I think I washed every towel in my mother's house. 
  • My mother had an awful fall. She tripped in my sister's yard and spent the evening in the ER as a result. I sweat, I thought her hand was broken when I saw the photos. And of course, we were all scared for her back as she's still recovering from back surgery in September. 
  • Oscar had an ear infection, Tilda has been S-L-O-W-L-Y cutting molars, and it was confirmed with Oz's ENT that he's going to need tubes in his ear and an adenoidectomy (both scheduled for February).
  • Tried to get Oscar's cavities filled, only he couldn't breath through the gas mask to get any effect. So that's been put on hold till after his previously mentioned procedure. So we'll have that to look forward to in March.
There's been some good tho. Like my kitchen is now PINK, and I'm very excited (pics once it's finished). We're moving the kids into 1 room together. And I went to yoga this morning and that was pretty amazing.

I've been off facebook about a month. I feel like my anxiety has dropped significantly, even with all the other stressers going on. I don't know why (I have theories) why facebook is stressing me out, but it's been nice to just take a break. 

Things we're looking forward to:
1- Haircut next week
2- Wicked the 13th
3- Ringo the 17th
and fingers crossed, we may have 2 credit cards paid off this month. I have a lot of exciting plans and lists to work on the house and take it a project at a time. I'm feeling hopeful. Self care is hard, it's hard when little people depend on you, it's hard when you're trying to be a fair partner, but we are plowing through. January may have beat us, but we have 11 months to go. I am determined.