Friday, 31 December 2010

You say you want a resolution...

I'm not big into New Year's resolutions. It's the standard idea "you're going to break it in a week" so why bother? But this year I do have some goals and I want to put them pen to paper...or keyboard to blog.

1- I want to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

2- Knit and complete 12 projects. They don't have to be big projects, I just have to do 12 of them.

3- Bake more. (You may notice, there is not going to be any of that "lose 15 pounds" nonsense here. I like the food).

4- Have more sex. (tmi? Most definitely!)

5- Learn to sew

6- Read to Oscar more.

7- Combat Slacktavism. I have a lot of opinions about a lot of things. So I want to try and do one good deed, or one service of activism for things I care about each month. This year I did really well. We recycle about as much as we throw out, we compost, we cloth diaper. Those are good environmental steps. But there are other things I could and should be doing. However, I don't want to broadcast every good deed I do because then I will look like an asshole. OR I might inspire my little group of readers here to maybe reach out and do something as well. It will probably be a mix of both, but believe me, I have big plans for myself this year!

8- Spend less time on the internet. I'm not going to give up the stuff I love, but just maybe try and love it a little less. There is no reason why I need to know everything happening on Facebook all day. Especially when I could be curled up on the sofa watching Supernatural with my amazing husband knitting up something cute.

9- ...and to complete contradict number 8---BLOG MORE. I love blogging, I just need to be a bit more organized and do it.

10- Finish the Sherlock Holmes series. I've been working on it for 2 years, and to be fair, I barely touched it this year, but I HAVE to finish it. So maybe tackle a story or 2 between books? We'll see.

I'm completely psyched about 2011.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

It's been an odd December, and by odd I mean, it hasn't felt like Christmas AT ALL until Christmas Eve. We went out and about for a bit, and while it was hardly a hustle and bustle of crowds, it finally felt like Christmas. Better late than never!

So today was Oscar's first Christmas and it was lovely. Santa left some very nice presents, including a Glow Worm that Oscar loves and a stuffed Yoda, approximately the same size as Oz. Griff went completely overboard and bought me way too much and made me feel guilty about his small pile of presents. Fortunately, his birthday is right around the corner and he will get a nice stack of gifts then.

It was really lovely today. We opened presents, we took a nice family 3 hour nap, watched TONS of Christmas telly and made a very filling dinner. While sitting down to eat, Oscar played in his saucer and we had Edward Scissorhands playing on the tv. Griff looks at me and says, "I love our life", and that is really the best present of all. We have such a wonderfully simple, perfect life full of a lot of love and laughter. It's not always easy and we have our bumps in the road, but I agree with the sentiment entirely. I love our life. And I think 2011 is going to be awesome.

*sorry for lack of photos. Will upload later!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Fairytale of New York

It was our first Christmas together and we were driving downtown. Griff said he wanted to play a song for me, so I said okay. It was Fairytale of New York and I'll be honest, I was confused. "Is that his real voice? Seriously?" But now, it's not Christmas without listening to it several times over.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Some Riot

I've been listening to a lot of music lately. I had all sorts of songs I wanted to post up, but then when I got here my mind went blank. So I found this one. I adore this song. I have just listened to this live version and it is just as beautiful as the studio version. I do hope I remember those other songs tho....

Sunday, 12 December 2010

So Tired

I vaguely remember a conversation (on a thread) about how at the 6 month mark, your energy stores drop and you become TIRED. I feel exhausted all the time lately. Oscar is so much fun, but he is a lot more work than newborn Oscar. Newborn Oscar took long long naps and would be happy to play by himself sometimes. Oscar at the moment wants to play with lots of things all at once. He also wants to move in ways he hasn't quite figured out, so he gets frustrated and cranky.

This sounds like complaining, but I'm not. Because he is actually so much fun to play with now. Peek-a-boo is no longer scary! He laughs out loud. He thinks his reflection is funny. I want to update on all the good things going on....

But man am I tired. TIRED. tired. tired.

Sing it, Lennon.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The End of an "Almost" Era- Goodbye Nook

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted our baby to sleep in the same room as us. We re-arranged our room and made the (pictured above) adorable nursery nook. It was precious, it was perfect; a gender-neutral mini-sanctuary just waiting for our beloved Bumble to come home from the hospital to.

Fast forward to real life present day...we don't use the nook. Oscar has slept in that cot *MAYBE* a grand total of 10 times in his 6 months of life. We co-sleep and don't see that changing anytime soon. I've asked Griff if he's happy with our current sleeping situation and he is. Waking up to that smiling face every morning is awesome. I can nurse while sleeping AND get a full night's rest. It's working for us. The nook is not.

So, sadly, we are dismantling the nook. Not all of it, mind you. Actually we're really just getting rid of the cot, moving the cubes to another room and bringing the chest of drawers back and putting the glider next to the book shelves. Star Wars is definitely staying, as well as the awesome ABC's poster.

It's just breaking my heart a little. It felt like such a perfect blending of us and baby, but in reality I guess our family bed is just a better fit.