Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

It's been an odd December, and by odd I mean, it hasn't felt like Christmas AT ALL until Christmas Eve. We went out and about for a bit, and while it was hardly a hustle and bustle of crowds, it finally felt like Christmas. Better late than never!

So today was Oscar's first Christmas and it was lovely. Santa left some very nice presents, including a Glow Worm that Oscar loves and a stuffed Yoda, approximately the same size as Oz. Griff went completely overboard and bought me way too much and made me feel guilty about his small pile of presents. Fortunately, his birthday is right around the corner and he will get a nice stack of gifts then.

It was really lovely today. We opened presents, we took a nice family 3 hour nap, watched TONS of Christmas telly and made a very filling dinner. While sitting down to eat, Oscar played in his saucer and we had Edward Scissorhands playing on the tv. Griff looks at me and says, "I love our life", and that is really the best present of all. We have such a wonderfully simple, perfect life full of a lot of love and laughter. It's not always easy and we have our bumps in the road, but I agree with the sentiment entirely. I love our life. And I think 2011 is going to be awesome.

*sorry for lack of photos. Will upload later!

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Crank said...

LOVE IT. We, too, had the best baby's first Christmas ever.