Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The End of an "Almost" Era- Goodbye Nook

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted our baby to sleep in the same room as us. We re-arranged our room and made the (pictured above) adorable nursery nook. It was precious, it was perfect; a gender-neutral mini-sanctuary just waiting for our beloved Bumble to come home from the hospital to.

Fast forward to real life present day...we don't use the nook. Oscar has slept in that cot *MAYBE* a grand total of 10 times in his 6 months of life. We co-sleep and don't see that changing anytime soon. I've asked Griff if he's happy with our current sleeping situation and he is. Waking up to that smiling face every morning is awesome. I can nurse while sleeping AND get a full night's rest. It's working for us. The nook is not.

So, sadly, we are dismantling the nook. Not all of it, mind you. Actually we're really just getting rid of the cot, moving the cubes to another room and bringing the chest of drawers back and putting the glider next to the book shelves. Star Wars is definitely staying, as well as the awesome ABC's poster.

It's just breaking my heart a little. It felt like such a perfect blending of us and baby, but in reality I guess our family bed is just a better fit.

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Stephie C said...

awww that nook did rock! And hey if co-sleeping is what works then it works Mama go with it!