Monday, 23 March 2009

Dvd Shows TV List----THE PROJECT

Griff and I have decided to undergo a major DVD TV series undertaking. We listed out all the shows we want to watch the entire series of and have decided to go through one series to the next (still watching movies of course, but if we watch a DVD show, we have to go through the series).
Silly goal? Probably, but we have gotten to the point where we are not finishing series and have a few of one here and there. So this will definitely fatten up our collection, but get us through a lot also. 
The only small debate is whether or not we are allowed to change the order. We're both a bit conflicted when it comes to it, as there are some we would rather push further back and scootch others forward. But at the moment, it looks like the list is staying as is. 
  1. The Wire- we are actually through season 4 at the moment but we figured we might as well finish and start the "project" with this series...even though it's our 2nd time round. It's such a damn fine show....if you haven't watched it already...DO IT.
  2. The Prisoner
  3. The X-Files
  4. Twin Peaks
  5. Tenacious D
  6. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  7. Black Books
  8. Tales From the Crypt
  9. Quantum Leap
  10. Deadwood
  11. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  12. Six Feet Under
  13. Friends
  14. The Addams Family
  15. American Gothic
  16. The Munsters
  17. Dark Shadows
  18. The Sopranos
  19. The Mitchell&Webb Situation
  20. South Park
  21. The Simpsons
  22. The Twilight Zone- I wish I had put this at, like, no. 5.
  23. Dinosaurs
  24. Batman: The Animated Series
There are also 3 series that I am going to have to watch on my own, since Griff has no interest to watch at all:
  1. Mad Men
  2. Queer As Folk- Both UK and USA series
  3. Sex and the City
Griff also has this great idea that he is going to one day sit and tally up how many minutes/hours of watching this is going to be. Which should tell us nothing more than how sad and weird we really really are. 

Home Improvements

It's always amusing to me when I start to think about the projects around the house I am excited about, that I plan and see slowly come about; because it always makes me think about watching my Mom do the same as I was growing up and how painfully boring I thought it was. I was determined that when I was a grown up, such things wouldn't matter to me. O little Ashley, how silly you were.

Out home is coming along VERY SLOWLY, piece by piece, and we rarely EVER finish anything in one go. The current project is to get the guest bedroom finished and gorgeous for company this summer. We painted it (Beeswax) when we first moved in. There was terrible wallpaper on the walls that took ages to remove, and we had a few holes to work out, but painting was about as far as we got. 

Coving, I love. I didn't know I loved coving till I started looking at walls, and if it was missing I felt like something was wrong. Then I saw a wall with coving and realized it felt very very right. So we are going room by room and putting it up. Griff has started the first bit, and this past weekend put up a second bit. It's difficult because the room is VERY small, and there's furniture in there already. I think ideally, we would take everything out, put the coving up, paint it, and have the new carpet put down all in the same weekend. We shall see if we can be that lucky tho. I'm not sure how we would fit the guest bed into the living room for any period of time tho. 

So this a short catch up on our home improvements. The slow and tedious process that I somehow find myself enjoying. I think it does my Mom proud a smidgen. :)  

Friday, 20 March 2009

Baby Jumper

My first baby jumper!!! There's a few errors; especially the neck which I think is probably a little small. But I learned a lot of new things with this project, like mattress stitching and picking up stitches. So I think the next one will look a bit neater. Overall, I am very pleased with the final product tho!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Green Glass

This is our collection of green glass thus far. We (being me and Griff) were talking one day and I mentioned that I would love to have green objects scattered throughout the house. The inspiration coming from the fantastic 1985 film Return to Oz. Dorothy's friends have been turned into ornaments in the Gnome Kings parlor, and unbeknownst to her they are all GREEN ornaments...eventually she does figure it out. Dorothy is a very clever girl. But I loved the idea of walking around the house touching green objects and whispering "OZ" when no one's around. Griff enjoyed the story so much he agreed that a shelf of green objects would be nice. So here's our collection so far. The most expensive piece are the candlesticks which cost us $25 off esty. All the other pieces were found in charity shops and not a one cost more than £3.