Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I have been listening to this and LOVE it. 

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I know I have shown a lot of people this already, and I even posted it up on Facebook. I'm not someone easily shocked, but at 7ish in the morning, I was a bit shocked when I saw this guy in the queue at the airport on the way to the States. I had Griff slip over and take a photo with his camera phone....not that it wasn't completely obvious that that's what he was doing, but it's not like the guy wasn't expected to be stared at. 

Then I started hoping that he would be sitting near or next to me on the flight. That could have been interesting. He wasn't on our flight though, and I can't help but wonder about the people who did share a flight with him. I wonder if they politely ignored his outrageous morning fetish gear, or asked him if it was comfy to fly in. Ah well....it was a nice start to the vacation. 

Saturday, 4 July 2009

This is the most boring post ever....

....but it has to be done. I will have some fun and "interesting" photos from our vacation when I get home. But otherwise I don't have much to say. Reading-wise, I am slowly working my way through all of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Very enjoyable.

TV viewing wise has been complicated. X-files, we only got through 2 seasons and then we got a Roomie. I have no idea how the Roomie feels about X-Files, but it seems kinda cruel to be like "HEY you have to watch ALL of these episodes because we're working through a list". Griffers bought me season one of Family Ties, and he didn't really enjoy it, so I think I'm going to be watching that one on my own.

New show to add to the list? ROSEANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went down to Myrtle Beach for a few days, and every night they played TONS of Roseanne, and Griff and I were in hysterics. I just kept looking at him saying, "Why don't we have this on DVD!?!?!?!". So we're going to be starting in on Roseanne.

While here in the States I was wanting to add to our DVD collection, but the recession isn't stretching our pounds/dollars as far as they used to, so we won't be buying as many DVDs this go round. Which I guess could be sad, but I'm sure in reality it isn't. I really wanted to buy season 2 of Family Ties, but Best Buy was wanting to charge $34!!!! That's a lot of money...

O and we started watching Twilight Zone too!!! And I bought the book, The Twilight Zone Companion, so we're going to start working through all 156 episodes and read along about all of them. Who knows how to party? Ashley knows how to party. HA!!

That's about it....Like I said....MOST BORING POST EVER. But it had to be done.