Thursday, 4 September 2014

Weeble Wobble Cowl

I *FINALLY* was able to finish the Weeble Wobble Cowl! My original plan was to knit this cowl during Game of Thrones. I figured, that's an hour a week of knitting, 12 episodes, surely I can get a cowl done in that time. 


First off, I totally messed up following the direction. For the first short row (the short rows are the weeble wobble effect). Instead of simply slipping stitches at the end of rows, I misinterpreted this to mean actual decreases. Which messed up the whole effect of it and I had to unravel the whole damn thing. I guess the lack of sleep and then Game of the Thrones distraction made for a bad mix.

So I re-wound most of the skein, read a couple notes on Ravelry, and got back to it. And I still have a few issues with the finished product:

1- I'm thankful I bought 2 skeins, because I was told that I could do the project with one. And yes, you *could* but I was over all the counting and just winged it in some places. 

2- Even after blocking, it still rolls a lot and you can't really see the weebles and the wobbles. 

3- I think even if I had done the beginning purl rows shorter, there would still be too much roll to it.

I do love the colors tho. This was the first yarn I bought at Rhinebeck and it was beautiful to knit with. I'm glad I have enough leftover of the 2nd skein to make some nice wristers. Maybe a teeny tiny cowl for Oz? Well see....