Saturday, 24 November 2012

No such girl

I adore this song so much.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Bitter Pills to swallow

I gave up being thankful this month. Because I'm not thankful. I'm actually pretty angry, frustrated, and bitter. That is not to say I have more than enough things to be thankful for, and I am, but I am not happy with the overall shape of things right now.

Monday, 5 November 2012


Day 5: I am thankful for my sisters. I wish I had a picture of us. I have one of the three of us from almost 4 years ago, but I don't have a recent one. That's horrible. I'm going to make that a priority this holiday season.

Some things I love about my sisters:
-Sibling Dinner
-Wandering craft stores together
-Chatting about Young & the Restless
-The laughter. O THE LAUGHTER
-We will pick up little treats for one another just because
-We tend to encourage each others interests/obsessions

Just Dance

Day 4:

I'm thankful for dancing. Of course, this comes back around to Oz because there is no greater part of my day than when he looks at me and says "Mama! Dance!"  pointing to the computer to get the music on so we can start our party.

He loves all sorts of music and keeps great rhythm. And now he is really enjoying music in the car, and I'm sure Greenville is getting an eye fool of me dancing a fool in my car.

Tonight, the Ipod was on shuffle and we were having a dance party to Lady Gaga...earlier tracks included Jackie Wilson, ELO, Foo Fighters, and Kate Bush. I like to keep things diverse.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Better Day

So yesterday I didn't really feel like being thankful. Yesterday kinda sucked, in that grown up way, where you have feel things and hurt and then talk through them till you reach resolution. But resolution was found, and so yeah, today was sunshine and birds and shit.

Day 2 of Thankful:

I don't know if it's thankful, or more excited. But my friend, Terrie-May, who I miss infinity from the UK is going to be working on a cruise ship for several months. We thought the closest port she would be coming into in the US would be Florida and I was thinking "How will I get there?" But no. She is going to be coming to port in CHARLESTON. 3 1/2 flippin' hours away. It's going to be a day of sunshine, rainbows and kittens, i tell you. I completely teared up when she read it, and we were both clapping our hands and giddy like 8 year old girls going to a show with backstage tickets. THAT EXCITED.  I guess I could say that I am thankful that I have such a good friend. I miss her loads and loads. 

Day 3 of Thankful:

That my kid is pretty easy. Toddlers are fucking hard. I do not hide the fact from anyone that this has been a difficult stage for me. But at the end of the day, I can and do recognize that I have it relatively easy. Oz is a great kid. And I can only prove this by giving the example that tonight at bedtime he did not fight getting his teeth brushed, got in the bed after we got his jammies on, and because he hadn't listened earlier and I said no bed time story, he didn't complain or whine that no story was read. Nope. He just rubbed noses and kissed and said "night night" and I closed the door. Dusted. Done. He's a great kid, it's just toddlers are hard. And by hard, I mean exhausting.

Friday, 2 November 2012

We've had a shit day.

Today can totally blow me. It started awesome, and then got shitty real quick. Thank Maude for music. And Blogger. I hate vauge-booking so I try to avoid it, but this is a personal enough space that I can be vague about having a shit day. Morning really, it's only 12.30. Day isn't nearly done. OY.
...I'll be thankful later.

Bicycle Adventures

I really wish we found more time to get out on our bicycles. Lately we do small portions of Greenville's Swamp Rabbit Trail. It's been great for a newbie, like myself, and of course Griff is just happy to be out  on a bike again. Oz absolutely LOVES riding around, talking to us, banging his bongos. I usually pack loads of stuff to keep him occupied, but he never touches any of it. He just looks around. 

It's also nice that it's COOL, and I don't feel sticky and icky from riding around. We get to wrap up in layers and just enjoy the fresh air. Must get out on the bikes more!

Thankful: Day 1

I should start by saying that October rocked my socks off. We did so many awesome, awesome things, and I really need to post them...but I'm going to wait a second. Because it's November, and on Facebook that means 30 Days of Thankfulness. But instead of doing that on my feed I'm going to here (because I said so, that's why!)

DAY 1:
I am thankful for my incredibly patient and supportive husband. I went for a 2nd job interview that I did not get. I am feeling pretty down about it, but instead of pressuring me to just take anything, he knows what my goals are and is happy to wait and let me get there. I can't do retail anymore. I just can't. So for a super patient husband, I am thankful. That Griff is good people.