Sunday, 2 March 2014

Angel Oak

The other weekend we spent down in Charleston (specifically Isle of Palms). We walked the beach, we ate overpriced food, we visited the South Carolina Aquarium, and most importantly-to me at least- we paid a visit to Angel Oak. 

Angel Oak is an awe-inspiring site. The street is massive and sprawling. It reaches up and then spreads it's branches wide, dipping back to touch the earth, and twists on itself. In it's presence, you do feel like you're at church. 

This was our second visit, the first time we went was on a Monday and it was sunny and virtually empty. The photos I took on that day were especially beautiful, but sadly, I haven't uploaded them. Maybe one day. 

On a Sunday, there was a lot more traffic, but it was still a great visit. These were just photos taken with a camera phone, but you still get an idea for how beautiful she is. 

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