Sunday, 16 February 2014

Time for Tea

What did we do before Pinterest? Seriously? So many fantastic ideas. When we moved into our home I wanted to set up a tea and coffee station. Previously, our mugs had been 'hiding' in our cabinet, but I *LOVE* our mugs. They represent all sorts of things. Interests, travel, thrifting finds, memory...I doubt there is a mug that I couldn't tell you a little something about. A warm, tasty beverage is important, I wanted to create a place to represent that. 

So my initial idea didn't extend beyond a white peg-board to hang the mugs. But then right next to it was this molding that you can use for framing. So duh- let's frame the peg board. And spray paint it red. 
 I can't even pretend to "step-by-step" this because putting things together and using tools is all Griff. I have the ideas, he amazingly makes them happen. I would be at a complete loss using a tool. I screw up with a fucking hammer. That's right, he hangs all the photos. Because I screw up. It's just not my thing. I own that. But Griff has so much fun putting together a project.
 And the final product. We debated about arrangement. I wanted them in straight rows, Griff wanted them "higglety-pigglety" (and that, my friends, are his words. Not mine). But he put the board up and in the morning before I was up he had put all the pegs in. So technically, he won, and I think he was right about how it looks. We still have a small shelf of mugs, but like I said, we have a LOT of mugs.
Also, the first shelf is of our cookbooks and coffee canister. Second row are puzzles and boards games. So if you want tea and Candy Land, you are ON. 

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Christie said...

Ashley, this is so great. I wish we had room for a coffee nook. We used to have one when we lived in Halifax. I love the display and I love that your mugs have their due showcase now : )