Sunday, 6 March 2011

30 Days of Music-Day 2- A song you hate

I would say there are 3 bands I hate.

1- U2
2- Aerosmith
3- The Rolling Stones

Within each band there is maybe one or 2 songs I like from each group, but overall I cannot stand them. I also can't stand the front men of these bands. I just find them all obnoxious. So today I'm going to post an Aerosmith song I can't stand.

I really do hate having to post something to my blog that makes my teeth sit on edge. O well. Now you know. I hate Aerosmith


Feltephant said...

MY FIRST TWO ARE YOUR FIRST TWO. Holy crap. I never knew other people hated U2 like I do. The Stones I like, not love, but like. But they are waaaaay overrated.

Ashley said...

I should have also added The Police/Sting. I usually don't hear other people hating Aerosmith. Everyone's like "Steven Tyler is so sexy" and I want to gag.

lifeversiontwo said...

I'm married to a U2 disciple. It's my own personal hell.

Ashley said...

I am so sorry T--you have my sympathies.