Thursday, 11 August 2011

Virginia is for Lovers

Greetings from our Road Trip! I am currently sitting in a Starbucks in Richmond, VA trying to not look like a complete douche by typing on the laptop. I'm probably not succeeding. I'm sure people trying to enjoy their frappacino's are a little annoyed at a very hyper Oz as well. Ah well. What can you do?

So the drive up was pretty uneventful, but that's a good thing, right? AMAZINGLY, Oscar slept most of the journey up, which was awesome.

Once we got into Richmond it was close to 630 so we had to find the KOA campground site we had a reserved a tent site for the night. I know, I know, KOA is hardly rustic, but considering we have 0 camping skills between us, it seemed like a good idea to start our journey at. We got the tent up with no problems and started cooking up dinner, which was a chicken/cheese/saucey/bread crumb mix. It was good, and I only burned one side just a bit. Totally edible :D Oz even ate the chicken so I took it as a good sign.

Unfortunately, Oz wasn't a fan of the site itself and he was a bit freaked out during the evening and just wanted to be held. By the end of the evening he was happy to be in the tent, and he laid down to nurse with me easily and was asleep by 930, with Griff and I to follow by 1030. We woke up bright and early at 7 and it was LOVELY.

Seriously, we had such a great morning. Oz woke up dancing to the alarm clock, it was nice and cool outside. Griff and Oz had a shower and then after getting Oz dressed I was able to take one (see, another KOA perk!). Then we set to cooking breakfast. Griff made us tea and set out some blueberries for Oz, which he of course devoured. Then we had french toast. YUM. It was a great morning and we were set to head into the city by 1030 and it was just starting to get a bit warm.

Overall, I'm sorry to say, I don't really like Richmond. The city is laid out wacky and is difficult to get around. We went to the Edgar Allan Poe museum and the Museum of the Confederacy; which I felt weird about at first but we enjoyed it. History is history, even the parts that make us uncomfortable. Ozzy was SUPER loud in there tho, which makes me a bit anxious about taking him to the Holocaust museum in DC. So we finished the day early, allowing me time to blog some and then we are heading to the store to pick up dinner for tonight.

I think we may pick up a roof rack for the car tho. Our car is uncomfortably pack like a sardine. I thought we were over packing, but hell, we're packed for about 3 months and it's pretty minimum compared to what I've seen people back for a weekend at the beach before! SO hopefully today we'll get a roof rack and an electric blow-up-the-mattress-thingy.

We have a few more things to see in Virginia and then it's off to DC!!!

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