Wednesday, 24 August 2011

From Pennsylvania, I update You

Eventually I will add photos and talk about the different places we've been. Promise. For the moment, it's just general updatey-ness.

First, We have really loved Pennsylvania. It's been so lovely (even when it's been raining) and yeah, it's some place we will definitely be coming back to.

Unfortunately, we are in some sort of sucky limbo because of some bitch storm going by the name of Irene. (I've always hated that name). I know I should be more concerned about the potential damage, but at the moment, while we have pretty blue skies, all I can think about is how this is ruining our route.

After consulting the map I discovered we are *RIGHT* next to Jersey so kinda in the projected path of the storm. We are here for another 2 nights and then I guess we will be making our way further inland. *sighs* I guess we'll try and see Northwest Penn and maybe that side of New York and the Niagra Falls a bit early. Originally, we would be seeing those things after coming down from Maine to Vermont and start heading out west. Now we thinking of going backwards, hoping the storms aren't too bad and then backtracking around and heading West.

In my best Charlie Brown impression I say "UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGG".

In other news, we are in a heavy debate about the cloth diapering situation. The biggest problem is cost. It costs about $5 for one load of diapers. That's not factoring in the cost of washing our other clothes. Just the diapers. Which is a lot every few days. We've been doing a few days of sposies just to have a break from it all. The smell is another thing to try and keep down. I try to not do a load till I have 2 bags full, because one bag is a lot of money to spend and 2 bags is a lot of smell. So I just don't know at the moment. I'm not ruling them out completely yet, but Griff is most certainly ready to.

The Grovias ARE out tho. Seriously, they are not a camp friendly diaper. It takes way too long for the inserts to dry, and if it's not a fabulously sunny day, you can pretty much forget it (and that's AFTER letting them dry a cycle in a dryer! seriously, they takes ages!).

And, that my friends, is all I have for the moment. I want to post a blog about Natural Bridge and Amish Dutch Country and the Philadelphia Maze we went thru, but I only have so much time. They are all on my To-Do list.

O and I've FINALLY had time to start knitting. Thank Maude....

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