Saturday, 20 August 2011

Busy Days

Wow. It's really hard to blog on the road. We'll have days of being with internet access and then have none. But even then, internet is for a kick check of facebook and gmail and then it's on to doing something else. I will recap the best I can.

From Virginia we made our way to Baltimore, but it was a bit further out from DC then we liked. So we stayed a night in a Comfort Inn (which was nice because it was a Sunday so I was able to watch the new episode of True Blood and wash some diapers) then in the morning we did a bit of backtracking to the KOA outside of DC. There was call for rain so we spent the extra money and stayed in a Cabin. It was cute and had a little porch swing on the front porch. We were able to still cook all our meals, so it was kinda camping, kinda not. But our days went like this:

Wake up
Cook breakfast
Eat Breakfast
Make Lunch
Clean up
Get dressed
Head to the station
Metro into DC
Tourist Tourist Tourist
Head back to camp
Go to bed.

Rinse, repeat. It's go go go and it's hard to find a minute of quiet, but it's becoming clear that while it's important to go, it's important to rest. Especially for Ozzy.

After DC we made our way into PA and stayed at a really lovely park that I do no remember the name of. But we freakin' loved it. Much more scenic than KOA but still had bathroom facilities. Unfortunately while playing ball with Ozzy my back went out and I was stuck jack knifed over the car trying to convey to Griff that I was freaking the fuck out and couldn't stand up straight without scaring Oz. It sucked so badly and I was out the rest of the day in tent.

I'll take a minute to tell you how awesome my husband is. He did everything he possibly could to make me as comfortable as I could be. He went above and beyond to entertain and keep Oz happy, while also cooking and cleaning up camp. He is not afraid to step up and take care of his son and knows what he is doing. I have no idea what I would do without him. ANYWAYS....

While we had to cabin at KOA expecting rain, there was no rain. While camping in the park DID WE HAVE RAIN. I've heard the term "rolling thunder" but never really experienced it until you are sitting and listening to thunder nonstop going for a good 2o minutes. It was absolutely amazing. Oz was such a trooper tho. He wasn't afraid of the thunder at all, even when the storm was right on top of us. I wish I could say I slept better for it, but I didn't.

Backtracking a second, let me tell you about DC. It was a hard 3 days in the city and we STILL didn't see everything we wanted to. We are definitely going to go back (if anything, I need to see the staircase from The Exorcist!). We learned that the stroller is actually better than the moby in long day in the city trips and packing a lunch and taking it into the city is the way to go! O and buying bottle water OUTSIDE the city. We made that mistake only the once and never again.

Today we were in PA visiting some of my "imaginary" friends and bebehs and it was another nice relaxing day. My back is still fucked, but I can stand up straight so that's better, right? We are going to tough it out and camp out for 2 more days. I'm a crazy person and I want a hotel on sunday so I can watch True Blood. Priorities, eh?

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