Monday, 27 August 2012


Well, we are in our flat. Apartment.  I still want to call it a flat. I have lived in "Flats" a long time now, so that will be a habit to break. Or not. I could just be that asshole who calls their apartment "a flat" and people will think I'm pretentious and I'll just embrace it.

SO back to the flat....

It's a good thing I'm good at small space living. I'm taking my time organizing, but it's not nearly as overwhelming as I had anticipated. Plus, it's actually a bit bigger than our home in the UK, so it's good. I hate the small kitchen, but I hate ALL small kitchens. I'll live. I'm glad I bought a china cabinet because that is really helping me with kitchen storage.

Oz, who had been sleeping in a "side car" crib to our bed, has transitioned AWESOMELY into a toddler bed. He's still in our room, but seriously...kid just blows my mind. I'm still wary about him being in his own room, but I'll get there. At least I'm being honest here, it's more about me than it is him. But "his" room is full of boxes at the moment anyways, so we'll get there.

Unfortunately, both my guys are ill at the moment. A week or so ago Oz had walking pneumonia. A good dose of antibiotics kicked it out, but now Griff has it. He coughs all night, which is horrible and loud and it keeps him up. So the poor guy has had school, work, moving/unpacking and now he can't even rest at night. And then thinking Oz was better, last night he had the runs and it's continued today as well. Hopefully *knocks wood* all of this will leave me alone. I have packing and studying to do.

Ah yes, the GRE...I found my book and have gotten to work. If the study questions are any indicator, I should have no problem with Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence. I do need to pick up more Vocab words on a daily basis. I'm trying to "hurry" through the sections I know I will do alright on the test on.

IT'S MATH. I have to get studying on math. *shiver* I hate just typing the word.

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