Sunday, 26 August 2012


I am taking the GRE on October 6 and I am already fucked. I was on such a great study schedule and then...

I went to Vegas.

Came home and started looking for an apartment.

Started packing.

Moved into an apartment.

Started unpacking, while trying to organize the chaos.

I know I am going to completely blow this one. I can't even comprehend how I will catch up. I'll have to just eat it. At least I will be able to know how it works.

But there's a possible bright side. I should really call the university and see how important the GRE is to their acceptance process, what score they are looking for, and if the GRE is a formality. If so, I could possibly screw this up and be accepted anyways. I've read that some universities really don't care, they just have to have it (because Universities are in bed with the GRE company. But don't get me started...)

So there's an update on that.

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