Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Travel Rewind: Stephen King's House (Bangor, Maine)

We pretty much only went up to Bangor, Maine so I could see Stephen
King's house. It's a well known spot, and the hotel we stayed the
night in even had directions on a printed out sheet. So knowing that,
I can only try to put into words how uncomfortable I felt "stalking"
out someone's home.
 For someone who enjoys their share of Perez Hilton and celeb-culture,
I don't actually like meeting famous people. I never know what to say
and I agree, the paps are bad and people need their space in life. The
whole drive up towards his house I felt like I was being very invasive
and it made me feel squeemishly uncomfortable. I wanted to see his
house, and now I have. It's a really cool house.
 Maine, whether or not the residents like it or would agree, is Stephen
King country. We crossed into the state at Gilead and Griff turned
into a little fan boy. Roland, the main character of the Dark Tower
series, is from Gilead. The entire time we were in the state we made
references to this book or that. We wanted to read Stephen King books.
I even made a mental "Salem's Lot Trail" to enjoy inside my head. It's a
fictional town, but there  are very real surrounding areas. I think if
it hadn't been raining we would have stopped more. We will be making
more trips to Maine so I'm not too worried about it tho.

GRIFF: I hate the whole celebrity culture, but somehow didn't feel as awkward as Ashley did.  I think because we were following directions given to us by the hotel. and we didn't ask for it, it was just part of the "things to do in the area" papers they give you.  And it was a really cool house.

***also? I'm going to try and make Tuesdays my Travel Rewind day! I WILL catch up! I will not be defeated by the internet!

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