Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Friends of the Library

If you pay attention, you can actually find a fair few things to do in Greenville. But like I said, you have to PAY ATTENTION. For example, by checking our local library's website weekly, I discovered that the Friends of the Library book sale was coming up. It immediately went on the calendar. It was a three day event, and the opening sale day was only for member of Friends of the Library. So we joined. (Didn't want to miss a day of sales, now did we?). 

By the end of the weekend we had spent close to $100 on few boxes of books. Truth be told, Griff and I probably could go a year or 2 with all the books we have that we haven't read yet. Maybe next year (yeah, right.). I'd be curious to know what we spend a year in books. I'm getting off subject...

Oz picked out these 2 books and chucked them in a box. Neither of us noticed until we got home and Griff put them in my pile of books, and then I was all "Why are you putting your books in my pile?". Eventually we figured out what had happened. When Griff was standing in Sci-fi, Oz picked these ones out. And they are both hilarious.  Footprints of Thunder says it's what would happened if you combined Jurassic Park with The Twilight Zone. Uh....yes, please!!
Castle Perilous I haven't read the back of yet. But the cover is hilarious. There's a castle, some mythical creatures, a couple dinosaurs...and golf. There are people golfing. The guy on the right in the yellow shirt is actually holding a glass of wine. I have no idea what this book is about.

This was Griff's score of the weekend. He was so overjoyed finding this collection of Norby books. They are a children's science fiction series written by Janet Asimov (for the most part) with a little help from Isaac Asimov. I know that as soon as Oz is a bit older, Griff will start reading these to him.

Here is Griff's overall collection from the sale. He always does so well. But he reads a lot of sci-fi, math, science books, so there is a lot to cover. Lately he is very interested in the history of maths.

Here is my modest collection. On top is Five Fortunes which I read back in high school and loved. I'm curious if I will still enjoy it. It popped into my head a few weeks ago, so I was happy to find it. I also found A History of the Wife, which I had taken out at the library a few times. I think I was originally reading it in England, and then took it out at the library again when I got to the US. It's history, and a bit slow going, but I love the information so NOW, I own it and get through it at my leisure.

And if you notice on the bottom right stack, I found a copy of the GRE study guide. I am hoping to take the GRE in the next few months. I have a lot of anxiety about it. I am horrible at math. I tried doing a basic algebra problem in front of Griff the other day and I was so embarrassed at how wrong I got it. He is happy to tutor me, but he is very smart. I find it ridiculous that I have already earned a degree, but I have to take a test to be considered for a Master's program. I start to have a lot of anger at myself for not pushing through with the course I had been accepted to in England. Could-a, Would-a, Should-a. I'll keep you posted on the GRE....

And sadly, I only picked out 2 books for Oz. It was just crazy in there, and with children's books you really have to sit and go through them. Especially when they are second-hand, as I find you usually come across scrawling and torn pages. The other small stack are the "cross over" books Griff and I will both read. As you can see, we don't read a lot of the same stuff.

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