Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Travel Rewind: BAA-HAA-BAA (Bar Harbor)

 It was a cute little place to visit. It was a bit monotonous to see
shop after shop selling Bar Harbor tat on their main street. I think
of all the wasted opportunity for shops, but if it keeps them going so
be it. We ate Maine Lobster and came to the conclusion that eating
something that still has its eyes freaks us a bit out. But I've done
it, so it's checked off the list.

GRIFF: It wasn't the eyes for me, I just didn't really like the taste.  I've had lobster before and never been all that keen.  At least I had a fresh Maine lobster in Maine.
 We debated about whether or not to do a whale watching tour. It would
have cost $60 per person, which is a lot, but how often do you get to
see a whale? This debate came up again in Massachusetts. Ultimately
we decided not to. We will get to whale watch again, and it will be
more fun and special when Oscar is older to know what we are seeing.

GRIFF: This one was actually $100 each with 'a reasonable chance' of seeing a whale.  We were just thinking how we would feel paying $200 for a 4-hour boat ride.  They'll be plenty more chances.
 We spent one afternoon hiking up Cadillac Mountain. And by hiking, I
mean, we drove the car up. It was great. Oz had a good long nap and we
enjoyed the scenery. Although, note to self, next time, camp in the
State Park. The campground we stayed at had a mosquito problem that
had me on the verge of tears.

We also found a small bookshop and had a wander. The owner was a bit
of a dick, but whatever. When Griff asked if he had any editions of
'Salem's Lot he told us that at the moment no, but he sold a first
edition for $800 last week. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. I was excited and
saddened all at the same time. He then had the smart-ass comment of
"Well they don't grow on trees, do they?". Asshole. I'm glad we didn't
have to give him and his douchey haircut our money.

I hope it's not just me who sees a heart in this tree. I thought it was beautiful.

****The Yarn Shop****
I've been finding so many independent yarn shops on our trip. I wish I
could buy something in every single one, but alas, it turns out I'm
not made out of money.

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