Wednesday, 19 August 2009

What was I thinking?

It's not a sentiment I have to often after shopping, but occasionally I do. I'm human. This bizarre mermaid mirror I apparently thought was a good idea. I found it recently and kinda gave myself the "what the fuck?" talk and asked Griff why we thought this mermaid with Zombie-like eyes was a good idea. I mean, I love my tacky, but this is PRETTY tacky. For some reason tho, I can't bear to part with her yet. So I've stuck her in the guest room to give guests (i.e. Steve) unpleasant and slightly uncomfortable dreams. Hopefully. 


Stephie C said...

Oooh I love herrrrr! I too love me some tacky ;) You should see this owl lamp my hubby pretty much said find a new home now resides at work with me where it is quite the conversation piece! haha

Ashley said...

it's her eyes that are freaking me out!!!! i don't know how much you can tell but they lined them in RED! make them bizarrely zombie like! just bizarre....but at the same time i can't let her go!
now as for an OWL are going to HAVE to post a pic of that! I LOVE LOVE LOVE owls. That just sounds fabulous :D