Friday, 28 August 2009

Painted Kitchen

It's amazing what a coat of new paint can do. And I new blind....and a nice light fixture. So yeah, don't have TONS of money to invest into the kitchen. I really hate the cabinets, and whoever designed this kitchen really didn't use the space to the best of their ability. It's a shame really. But we just don't have the money to do what we would like. So we're doing the smaller things. I have picked out a new floor to put down, but I'm sure that will be several months down the road. I know it seems small, but it's actually a spacious little kitchen. 
Of course my knick-knacks have spilled over to the kitchen. I thought this was a pretty cute display idea, without looking very cluttered. I absolutely adore the owl cookie car. Mimi (younger sis) got me that for Xmas and Deb (older sis) gave me the 'Shroom canister. Too cool. 

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Stephie C said...

Eeee and you know I love the owl clock as well I spied hanging!!! Ok off to do a post showing you my overly huge and tacky yet lovely owl lamp hahah....