Sunday, 23 August 2009

Dublin Part II

Statue of Oscar Wilde. Sadly we didn't spend a lot of time at the park. We were tourists with places to see and lists to check and crap to buy!
The most sinfully delicious cheesecake I have ever put in my mouth. If you are in Dublin, there is a chain of cafes called Queen of Tarts and order the Bailey's Cheesecake. Obviously, as the name suggests, there is Bailey's Irish Creme in the cake. BUT THE BASE...o dear God, the base was the gooiest chewiest chocolate chip cookie base. To. Die. For. 
I loved the green post boxes!!! I think Brit thought I was a little kooky for wanting a picture of it, but she understands my quirks. 
While I don't drink the stuff myself, the trip to the Guinness Storehouse was a lot of fun. Outside it smelled of hops, which was very nice (and I only know this because Brit told me that's what I was smelling. I don't drink or brew any beer, so I wouldn't know...). And I have to hand it to Guinness, they really do have some of the best advertising. Looking at their collection of memorabilia and advertising campaigns was probably my favorite bit of the tour. 
"Enjoying" our complimentary pints at the Storehouse. HA! I couldn't get past the foam and I thought I would retch. It is really a shame...but to be fair, my glass looks better for the picture.

Check out our touristy clothes tho! Ha! I gotta real kick out of that. It was so cold tho! I had to buy a hoodie, and if I had to buy one it had to say where I got it from. Good times tho. Next time I have to leave the city and see more! 

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