Sunday, 23 August 2009

Dublin Part I

Unfortunately, I can tell these are going to load backwards. O well, I can't be bothered to delete, reload and then type again. So backwards it is! So a quick re-cap about Dublin. Part 1:
This is a photo of the most miserable Leprechaun in Dublin. He has a very creepy head to put on, but for most of the time while we were around he just sat there smoking looking miserable and scowling. Very funny (and maybe slightly tragic?)

The Street lamps were beautiful! As Wendy pointed out, you can't help but think of Narnia. Very, very pretty. 

Me the 1st morning at our lil B&B getting my full-Irish breakfast and tea time on. I think I had 3 cups before we set out, so I was definitely buzz-buzz-buzzing....

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