Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Catch-Up

So much has been happening lately!!! Life has been moving so quickly, I have no idea where the summer went; the one where I was supposed to get all these 'projects' done. Of all the ones I had outlined, unfortunately, knitting has taken the back seat (but as of this week I am working on correcting that....). SO here's the Run-Down, the Catch-Up, the Updateness-of the Goings-On:

I have been accepted for TWO different MA studies. The first is Film Studies which I would be continuing at Kingston Uni. Then I was also accepted at City University London for a MA in Library Sciences. I was actually really pleased with getting accepted on that course because it was all based on my merit. They actually think I'm worthy (I have absolutely NO ties with this Uni at all). Unfortunately, I have been playing tag with their admissions office to 1)  see if I was eligible for home fees, rather than overseas fees (BIG DIFFERENCE IN PRICE) and 2) after seeing that they were going to charge me overseas fees, how to go about appealing that.  I have lived in this country going on 4 years. They should give me a break. But I should find out today, for sure, what they are going to charge.

If they come back decide Overseas Fees, then I am going to defer and take the course next year. I'm not very happy about this, but I can not afford over £11,000 for one year of school. No way. I was considering doing the Film MA if I can't do the Library, but I don't know if I want to spend the money on it now. I love film, it is something I think about constantly and love. But I know that there is no way I can make a living from it. I would love to teach film at University level, but the reality is that it is very difficult to do so. The schools that teach film theory usually hire from within, and it would be a very frustrating existence. But who knows, I might shoot for it one day anyways? I will have an MA in film one day. I'm just not sure that today is the day....

Now Libraries, I'm going into with cold feet. All I know is that I love reading, I love books, I love research and magazines and newspapers and organization. And I know that I could make a living doing this either from England or the US. Considering that we are on a 2 year plan to move back to America, I feel I would have a real chance using a MA in Library Sciences. 

On the job front I am having no luck. It's actually getting quite depressing. I am only applying for jobs I believe I will get satisfaction from. I am tired of retail and selling and 'personalities'. Griff agrees and is being very patient with me. I am seeking out qualifications to be a bit more appealing to potential employers. Unfortunately, I only have retail experience which is not working in my favor. At. All. But I'm being positive-ish. Hopefully, I will be volunteering at a local Oxfam Bookshop and that will at least give me something to do with my time. Plus, the owner recognized me as a regular customer and told me if I am interested in learning about proper book dealing (learning about recognizing something worth money) he would be happy to teach me. I'm just now waiting on that call back....

A teacher once made me very aware that being a foreigner here, you have to have something above and beyond the other candidates to be considered for jobs. Naturally they are going to hire citizens first. I am trying to keep that in mind and remain patient. It's very difficult though. I have never feel so inadequate in all my life. 

Griff is applying for a Java course! He's excited about this. This will benefit him here or in the States. So kudos for that. Should take about a year and it will be done from home. I will definitely have to stay on his case. He would much rather play chess with Steve in the evening or stroll down to the pub, or, obviously, have a cuddle with me and watch a good movie. I am hoping to maybe set up a small desk in our room where he could work privately. Lately, I am just simply 'talked' out and want to start seeing results and meeting our plans head on. 

On a more pleasant note....
I WON SOME RUBY SLIPPERS!!!!! I never win anything (probably because I never enter anything), but I joined a fan page on Facebook called Ruby Slippers. They had a contest that whoever had 100 people post your name on their wall would win a pair of Ruby Slippers. I with so little time on my hands, pimped myself out heavily to my friends to do this for me and ended up winning a pair. I CAN NOT WAIT for them to get here!!!!! A lot of pictures will ensue when they arrive. 

Also, one of my best friends came over from the States and stayed with us for almost 2 weeks. It was a wonderful visit and I felt like we really got to reconnect and bond. It was very special and warm n fuzzy. We went to Dublin for 2 days and it was absolutely amazing. I would suggest everyone go and visit Dublin. It's a lovely city, full of beautiful things and lovely people. I can not wait to take Griff for a visit (preferably longer than 2 days) and see all the things I missed out on last time. I will hopefully post some photos soon. I've gotten really lazy about uploading photos. 

Around the house, the kitchen is painted. Looks amazing (must upload photos!!!).... I think I have FINALLY picked a color for our bedroom. We have also picked out the flooring we would like to put down in the kitchen and bathroom. Currently we are lacking in funds, but they are at least picked out. As is the carpet for the guest room and bedroom. I also FINALLY found a wallpaper I want to put in the hallway. So I am seeing the bits start to tie together, I just need a fucking job to pay for all the things I want to do. 

But why do all of this if we plan on moving in 2 years? Well because this is still very much our home. And comfort and nesting are a big part of who I am and how we live. So I'm not going to ignore the things I want to do here, because of plans down the line. We are not intending to sell this place when we move, we want to rent it out. So it will always be the first home we owned and I want it to stay someplace I could return to. 

And before I forget! I am going to be having surgery! The Dr. found a huge polyp blocking my left sinus and it needs to be removed. I go in Friday for a pre-surgery assessment, which will be taking my history and probably some blood work. This will be the second surgery on my sinuses, so I'm not terribly worried. I am grateful that it was found and will be removed. God Bless the NHS. 

So, I have a few knitted pieces to post up separately, some new additions of green glass found and hopefully a few Dublin pics. Hopefully I will be blogging back to 'normal' soon.  :D 

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