Thursday, 3 January 2013


Quote from Roseanne Barr (like there's any another Roseanne out there):

"I resolve (and think you should too) to quit talking about losing weight in 2013. There are two things you can actually do: lose weight or not lose weight. But it's time to stop talking about it. I once said in my stand up act, 'Half the world is starving; the other half is trying to lose weight,' and it's the sad truth. Blabbing about weight loss is disrespectful to hungry people. Hell, it's disrespectful to fat people Do what you're happy doing- gain weight, lose weight, stay the same weight- but can we stop talking about it to death? Enough already with the jabbering about how much you want to lose, or are going to lose, or whatever, and let your actions and your body speak for themselves. Let's forget skinny, fat, and all of that , and switch to a new mode: healthy and beautiful."

I'm sure by "talking" about this quote I'm breaking the message of it that has resonated with me since I read it. 

I am tired of talking about weight. I am tired of hearing other women talk about weight and being completely controlled by it. 

I am tired of feeling like I should be apologetic for being 30 years old and having the body of a woman, rather than the girl I was at 21. I've had a baby for fuck's sake. I'm not *supposed* to look like I did when I was 21 and I honestly don't care that I don't. I see so many smart women completely crippled by the number on the scale and how that correlates to their beauty and self-worth. 

I am a fat person, but I'm also a very healthy one and basically, fuck anyone who thinks otherwise. I am done with this system this year. DONE. Please, just be healthy this year. Throw the scales away.

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