Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 in review

2012 sucked for a lot of reasons. But first, let me share how I did with last year's resolutions:

1. I did not learn to sew. mother.fucker. I keep saying "I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it" and I never fucking do it. What the hell, Ashley? I really want to make some skirts, aprons, blankets, and pillows.

2. I did do a fair bit of knitting for me. Not loads, but more than I've done before. I also refused to be afraid of knitting. So many projects I've turned down thinking "No, I don't know how", but not this year. I am really proud of how far my knitting has come. And I've also made the switch to nice yarn. I'm sure I'll always keep some blends and acrylics in my stash because they are *great* for kidswear, but for me, personally, I'm going to try and add more good stuff.

3. I did not scrapbook the road trip. Not even a little bit close. UG.

4. Be healthy. Not even a little bit. In fact, my health, both physical and mental, are probably at the lowest they've been in a long, long time. My stress eating has been off the charts.

5. I don't know if we got Oz outside more. During the summer he played outside loads and went swimming a lot. I think the winter has been hard for me to get outside and find things for us to do. I really hate not having a yard for him to play in.

6. Virtually no camping. But the one travel/camping trip we *did* have, it felt like the road trip again and we just felt like "US" again. It was lovely. We definitely need more of it.

7. I did something huge out of my comfort zone. With the help of many others we raised over $800 for St. Baldrick's and I shaved my head. If that's not out of the comfort zone I don't know what is. 

8. Listen to more music. Hm...Yes and no. I have downloaded a few new artists, and some old favorites. I have thoroughly enjoyed Amanda Palmer's new album. 

9. Slambook the magazines.... Well, I've made a small dent in the magazines. But there's a hell of a lot. I need to find a system to organize my clippings.

10. I gave up red meat for about 6 months. But I missed pork....sausage biscuits, biscuits & gravy, pepperoni pizza, BBQ. It's pretty clear now that I can't eat beef anymore, not unless I'm happy to be quite ill for the rest of the day. But BBQ is one of the few things I like about where I live, so why would I deny something that makes me happy? 

11. We have seriously de-cluttered. 2 moves in 3 months will do that. We have gotten rid of a load of books, DVDs, knicknacks, clothes... Don't get me wrong, we're not living the minimalist life, and probably never will. It's not our style. But we don't feel the need to hoard like we once did. 

12. Thoughful Buying...yes and no. It comes in stages and phases. I've been on a HUGE tshirt buying binge this year. Do I need them? Nope. Do I love them? Yep. And sadly, when I'm stressed I tend to binge buy. It's really not a good combo. But we're definitely not buying as much crap as we used to just to buy it. 

....So that was 2012. It was also the worst year I've had for reading ever. That's for another post tho. Tomorrow will be posting for a New Year. Come on, 2013.

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