Friday, 22 April 2011

I want to hug you till I die

Well, it's only taken 2 1/2 years post wedding, but I've finally gotten around to getting the wedding tattoos done. I didn't want to get Griff's name on me, because for some reason I think that's bad luck, also I don't foresee me forgetting Griff's name and needing to spot check it. Plus, it's a lot more fun trying to find something a bit more meaningful.

So the first one was based of of these 2 skeletons found in Italy. The story was released a few years ago, but the image has remained quite popular. I kept waiting for a follow up story saying they were a hoax, but apparently not.

So I asked for a "girly" version of the skeletons hugging. I wanted them to be inside of a heart and I may or may not have mentioned the word "kitsch". Either way, the artist, Katan, exceeded my expectations. I can not draw at all, but I have to say it looks a 1000x better than what I imagined in my head.


Stephie C said...

I love this so hard girl!!!! So perfect and sweet and cute but rad!

Christie said...

So beautiful! We still need to get our wedding tattos coloured! LOL