Monday, 16 January 2012

Something I'm not going to do anymore...

Try to read books I'm not enjoying. I just can not do it anymore. I used to try and plow through things in the hopes that it would get better, but from here on, I REFUSE.

What brings this is on is that I *finally* got a hold of the latest Charlaine Harris "Dead Reckoning" at the library. The last few Sookie Stackhouse books have been pretty tedious to get through, but I've stuck with it. But now, I no longer can. This "Reckoning" was just so badly written and I found myself no longer caring what was going on. 2 chapters in and I was done. Back to the library!

I also had taken out a several books about Waldorf schools. The first one was, I think, a bit too...I don't know. If I were an educator wanting to read about schooling, maybe I would have found it interesting. But for myself, I am wanting something that can convey to me the principles of how to integrate ideas from the school into the home (because let's be honest here, I will never be able to afford to send my kids to a Waldorf school). But I'm not looking for an academic book, per se. So that went back too. I have 3 more to get through.

So there. Books that suck, or do not entice me, you have been warned. I will re-shelve your ass.

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Anonymous said...

I have such a hard time putting books that I don't like away permanently. I don't know why...

Um, if you move here (hehe) our Waldorf has a sliding scale tuition policy. And a philosophy that no child should be prevented from attending just because they don't fit the right economic bracket. Which is nice. I'm visiting next week. Because apparently I need to make a damn decision about pre-school now.