Sunday, 1 January 2012

Quick Revisit

So how did my year shape up according to last year's resolution list? Well....

1. I did, in fact, find the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and it was also the one recommended by Tracy. I found this on Christmas Eve for Santa's cookies and they were amazing. I also made enough to give out to my parent's neighbors. They were soft, chewie, and kept for DAYS. Seriously. The best.

2. O I went WAY over my 12 knitted projects. Unfortunately, I was very lazy about posting them HERE, but posted them on my facebook. I went well over 12, and I really tried to push myself beyond simple projects that I'm comfortable with. At the moment, I'm trying to use DPNs and Circular needs a lot to try and become more comfortable with them. I don't want to shy away from patterns I love because I'm scared of technique. There will definitely be more of this to come in 2012.

3. I don't know if I necessarily baked more, but I found time to do the projects I wanted. I was really proud of how the Rainbow Cake at Oz's birthday came out. It looked good and was delicious.

4. Dude. We're not going there.

5. I did not learn to sew :( BUT I did get a sewing machine for Christmas from my mom and today was spent hanging out at my sister's house playing around with her sewing machine. I've been looking for some starter classes. So *fingers crossed* this will be the year!

6. I do read to Oz, but it's difficult. He doesn't have the patience really to sit through a whole book and he wants to turn all the pages. But he plays with books all the time, and I think that's positive play time. So even though this one didn't turn out how *I* wanted it to, I'm still very happy about the direction we are going in.

7. Slacktivism. This was a hard one and it did fall through the cracks, if I'm totally honest. We moved country this year and then traveled across America. Yeah, it was about *me*. It was about US. This is something that will be making a move onto the list for next year.

8. No, I was still on the internet a lot. :/ Well, not for those months on the road actually. My internet was pretty much cut short and it was hard and painful and I wasn't crazy about it. But since I am being honest, I think it was good for me. Here's hoping we find ways to cut more internet and tv time out of our lives for 2012.

9. I think I definitely blogged more. I am still so behind on our Road Trip blogs tho, it's sad. I will carry on tho!

10. Sherlock Holmes did not get finished! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!? Why is it so hard to finish!?!?! UG.

So there you go. It's not really an "end cap" to the year by any means. That is it's own blog. And I will hopefully post my Goals of 2012 tomorrow. I'm still working them out....

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