Monday, 19 September 2011

Welcome to Canada!

I can not tell a lie. We made a lot of Canada jokes while driving towards border patrol. We were beyond tired and I know we smelled bad. We looked like dirty hippies and we hadn't showered in what must have been a week. So no doubt the car smelled funky. We looked funky. The following conversation ensued:

Border Patrol: Do you have any marijuana with you?
Griff: No
Border Patrol: Not even a little bit of marijuana?
Griff: No.
(Ashley is stitching up a knitting project)
Border Patrol: Ma'am?
Me: No.

So apparently we looked like we might just have some marijuana with us (even a little bit). We had a huge laugh about it afterwards, but we did take 2 showers each after checking into out hotel. I'll remember this for visiting Canada next time.

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