Sunday, 18 September 2011

Amish Country

We thoroughly enjoyed Intercourse, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. The immediate tourist area wasn't great, but if you enjoy riding around in the car, it was totally worth taking the back roads and seeing the farms.

I completely splurged and bought a quilt. We called it an early birthday present. The quilts were all works of art and I could have spent hours looking at all of them (and wanting to wrap up in them). I bought this one out of a family's home and the woman was so kind and was just showing me as many as I wanted to see. She said it takes about 12-16 weeks for them to complete one quilt and each woman in the circle will work on a particular bit. She said her 86 year old mother does the edging. It amazes me they are able to part with them!

We spotted at another house where they were selling cheese and Root beer. Odd combo, but why not? So we bought cheese and root beer. I had never had home made root beer before and O it was O so good. I thoroughly enjoyed every last drop. Of course, the cheese was tasty too and went into a few of our pasta dishes over the next few weeks.

I loved seeing the horse and buggies all over town. I did try and be respectful and not take too many obvious tourist photos, and never of any of the Amish peoples faces. I had been told that they generally just ignore tourists, but when we were on the roads further out and we would pass someone on horse and buggy or out in their yards/farms, we received a lot of smiles and waves which was nice.

So Amish country so was a definite win and we will be going back again. Hopefully to buy another quilt and eat some more Shoo Fly Pie

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