Monday, 5 September 2011

Dinosaur Kingdom

First, I give you a cute picture of Ozzy being "hatched" from a Dino egg.

In small town called Natural Bridge in Viriginia there is a man by the name of Mark Cline who likes to create odd roadside attractions. One of these is Dinosaur Kingdom (which has Haunted House attached to it as well).

The premise of Dinosaur Kingdom is that a group of archaeologists have been digging and uncovered an underground cavern of dinosaurs. It just so happens that the Union Army stumbles upon the dinosaurs and wants to wrangle them up and use them against the Confederate army (this of course taking place during the Civil War).

Just Bizarre.

What's more bizarre that by the end of it all I could think was "what a strange expression of Southern aggression". But maybe I'm just cynical. Regardless, we loved it.

But if Dinosaurs and Haunted Houses aren't your "thing", Cline has also created Foamhenge (the Foam equivalent of StoneHenge) and there is also a Wax museum with a factory tour of how they make the figures. And a butterfly exhibit. We didn't do all of those things. Just the Kingdom/House/Henge.

AND there are some Caverns in Natural Bridge. And a Natural Bridge. SO you could easily spend 2 days seeing things in this very teeny tiny place.

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lifeversiontwo said...

Now I suppose I'll have to drive down there to see both the bridge AND dinosaur land. Up for a second trip? ;-)