Thursday, 2 June 2011


I said I was going to do it ages ago so I did it. I made the Rainbow Cake. Don't know what I"m talking about? GOOGLE IT. It's all the rage in the crafty scene at the moment. It took me a day to make all the layers, splitting each bowl of batter into 2 colors. I also only had *ONE* cake pan. ONE. It took forever because I would make a batter and then have to cover it and wait for the cake in the oven to finish, then cool and then have to wash it before adding the 2nd batch of batter. Rinse, repeat. It took hours, but was totally worth it. I think everyone was absolutely gob-smacked...and that's always fun.

I made a coconut cake with coconut icing because Oscar loves coconut. But I made it without any shavings because as much as I love coconut flavor, I hate the flakes! So I used coconut milk in the batter and icing along with coconut shavings in the icing. It was delicious. I should link the recipes, but I'm just too tired. Be glad you're getting this little blurb and pictures, please :o)

Sorry the pictures are totally out of order, but you're clever people, you get the idea. I'm too tired to screw around with blogger and get them in the right order.

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