Thursday, 2 June 2011

Baby is ONE

Time flies like none other when you have a baby. Everything happens in fast forward and full speed ahead. I sometimes wonder what I did with the sprawling mass of time I had before I had Oscar. I was definitely lazier.

I have the coolest kid. He's just easy going and loving and has such a gentle way about him. He can be a little shy at first with strangers and is a *major* flirt. He loves to be outside, he's good on car rides and can fall asleep about anywhere. We never started a "schedule" and I am so glad we didn't because he's just an adaptable little guy. That said, he also has a little attitude which is hilarious, but also lets me know I'm going to be in for it when he's a bit older. Bring it, son.

Hands down, best thing we've ever done. EVER.

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