Friday, 14 January 2011

Knitting Project 1- The Rainbow Hat

I love rainbows. LOVE THEM. They make me happy, I love color and I love putting my baby in lots of color. So I knitted him up real quick a Rainbow hat. I think it's a nice contrast for the dreary English winter.

Oscar wasn't really sure about the ear flap tassels. He thought they were fun and then he would start pulling them like "why won't these go away!". I hope he gets used to them tho! He's usually really good about wearing hats.


Stephie C said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE this hat sooo much!!! And of course little man looks stinkin adorable in it too!!!

Kira said...

Old comment, but that hat is the bees knees! England needs more rainbows to brighten it up, especially when Oz is wearing them :)