Friday, 14 January 2011

It's a Nightmare! (it's just a dream)

IT IS FINALLY FINISHED!!! I started this sweater when we were living in our little studio apartment on Fassett Road. I'm convinced it was my 2nd year of I started this about 3 years ago. It took FOR-EV-ER. I wasn't that fast a knitter when I started and so the body took a good long time. Also, I'm terrible to get bored on long projects and start lots of little projects. Then I would sometime start a color backwards and have to frog it and start over. the collar is completely fucked but I don't care, that bad boy is staying the way it is. You can hardly tell and I'm sure those that don't knit, wouldn't be able to anyways. Then actually sewing it up was a chore. Blech! I'm happy it's done. I'm sure Griff will hardly ever wear it because he's extremely hot natured, so I'll end up wearing it. Win.

...and can I just add- damn my husband is gorgeous.


E. said...

Can I just add, "Damn, you're so lucky to have a husband who poses for pictures and smiles nicely instead of making a stupid face."

Tracy said...

I LOVE IT!! The first pic is super cute too :)