Saturday, 11 August 2007

New York, New York

Today we watched Martin Scorsese's New York New York. It was absolutely terrible, start to finish. It opens on VJ Day in New York, and usually I can at least be captivated by set design and costumes, but even this movie was bland on imagination as far as these were concerned. I watched Scorsese's opening introduction to the movie, and even knowing what he was trying to achieve, I think he fell short of the mark.

DeNiro and Minnelli give very wooden performances, and the characters are such cliches (and not even in a kind of nostalgic way) that I didn't care about them at all or what happened to them. And what happened to them was also, every cliche in the book. I could literally predict the next thing that was going go happen in the story, and it didn't make me appreciate the movie, it made me want to claw my eyeballs out.

If my film history is correct, it was during this production that Scorsese was heavy into blow and having an affair with Minnelli. So I'll guess that his priorities weren't exactly straight, because when it comes to directors, I am a fan. Scorsese I like because I know he is a fan of movies themselves. You can tell by the way he talks about them and the effort he puts in into creating them. But this I thought was horrible and was a huge disappointment.

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