Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Updates and such

It's been awhile since my last blog...I would say it's a failure, but I'm trying again. I've been reading other people's and it's making me want to try. Again.

So updates, I am working in the school shop. Not the best job in the world, but I've definitely had worst and it brings us in a little extra income. This semester is not my favorite. I'm really just getting through it so I can enjoy the summer, read lots of books and look forward to our holiday.

Griff on the other hand is on fire! I am so proud of him! He recently was promoted to Microsoft Licensing Expert, and this is within 6 months of working for the company. He worked really hard, really wanted the position and is now so happy. He really takes pride in his work (I think more than he would like to admit), and I'm just over the moon for him. So now we're talking a bit more seriously about finding a house.

I am so ready to nest! I love the flat we are in now, but we are definitely outgrowing it, and rapidly. I think we might literally spill out into the streets in another 6 months. But I really love it, it has the beautiful huge windows, and high ceilings and a proper sized kitchen. I'll be really sad to leave. We found a a great place for sale, literally, down the road for us. It's going for about 250,000, which is a bit over our budget but it is so perfect! Two double bedrooms, fireplace, kitchen with decent cabinet space and a back garden. So we'll probably be looking at places outside the immediate Kingston area, which makes me really sad. I love it here. But it's not like I'll be the first person to ever make a commute tho :) There will be so many advantages to us having 2 bedrooms tho. Mom will be able to stay a LOT longer and Mimi will be able to come more often. I know for a lot of my friends who haven't visited yet, the cost of staying somewhere is more of a burden than the actual plane ticket, so it would be very beneficial. Also I would like to host more parties and this place is just too itty bitty. 

What else has been going on? My knitting is coming along really well and I definitely want to post some of my work up soon. I cannot describe how satisfying it is to a finish a project and know that I made it.  It can make me want to tear my hair out, but I love it. So that will be coming soon....

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