Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Nights in London

The past two evenings we spent at Film Fours outdoor movies at Somerset House. First off, it was incredibly romantic to be out picnic-ing at night watching great movies. The first night we saw Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. It was so amazing to watch such a perfect movie on a big screen. There are so many things you notice, simple things, that you overlook on a smaller screen. Also it was nice to hear the parts I find funny, an audience does as well. There weren't many stars out that night, but enough.

Then last night we watched Spielburg's E.T. I've always said it's not one of my favorites, and that I really just thought this would be a unique circumstances to watch the movie under. I lied though. I really do love E.T and and I bawled like a baby though the ending. It rained and we were all bundled up under blankets. Like I said, it was incredibly special and romantic.

Walking back to the station, we walked over Waterloo bridge and the site of London at night is breathtaking. The lights on Big Ben and (as tacky as it can be) The London Eye are such a sight. It makes me eternally grateful for where my life has lead me.

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