Thursday, 1 January 2015


I love this silly holiday.

I love the anticipation of a New Year and what it could bring. Sure, there's going to be some hard times and struggles and some months are going to be a total beat down. BUT there's that glimmer that some awesome things are coming too.

I can't tell you the last time Griff and I went out for New Years. For as long as I can remember now, we stay at home and watch Twilight Zone and maybe cook, but we definitely play a game or 2 of Scrabble. Right now I'm waiting for the kids to settle and be asleep so we can start a game. Tradition, it can be a beautiful thing.

I also seem to blog the most in the New Year. Last year was a great year, blog wise. I'm hoping I can post more this year *fingers crossed*. I just have to make myself. I'm online enough, so it shouldn't kill me to blog a bit more.

I also love the New Year because it means lists. Goals, To-Do's, and my favorite- sharing the book list (so you'll be seeing what I read 2014 tomorrow!). I started my goals for 2015 and realized I want to get a lot done in the house. So I think GOALS and HOUSE GOALS are going to be 2 separate things.

So tomorrow is the day of LISTS and putting away Christmas decorations.

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