Saturday, 10 January 2015


So I started working on my list of house goals the last week of December. I was thinking, yes we can totally budget for all of these things and slowly work toward some bigger goals (like painting the outside, and completely redoing the laundry aka "murder" closet outside. But I came to a realization this week.

Much like in Harry Potter, where the wand chooses the wizard....


Or so it seems with this house. For example, we did not want our first major project to be the hallway bathroom. But the bathtub and leaks demanded it. So we started. And I fully intend on that project being finished this year. But the house had other ideas.

Over the holidays, between Christmas and New Year's, our kitchen/dining area flooded. We were hoping we were quick enough and there would be minimal to no damage to the floors. The House said HA! Luckily, we have insurance.

So currently, we are staying at my mom's while our kitchen floors are being completely ripped out and dried. Then will begin the process of putting the floors back down. AND THEN, because our kitchen dining has open doorways to the hallway and living room, those will have to be refinished to match the kitchen. So EVERYTHING will have to be moved out.

Not the project I wanted to start the year off with. Not the project I wanted to do this year even. But here it is and we're rolling with it. I'm hoping the entire process will be done by the end of the month, but you never know, do you?

Is anyone else ready for spring cleaning? There's so much I want to get out of my house, and give it a good dusting. AND FINISH THE BATHROOM.

I'm feeling very Charlie Brown at the moment.


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Wendy Marie said...

Hey, precious!! That is insanity. <3 Huge hugs. Listen, I know you want to come for my birthday -- if you need the break, AWESOME, come. <3 If you want to wait it out though, I totally understand and I'll come to you! xoxox