Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pretend Fall

So it's "officially" fall now. I know there's leaves starting to fall from the trees, but it's still pretty warm here. It's annoying. It's cool in the morning, but by afternoon it feels like early summer all over again. What can you do? I'm pretty sure we will not be spending all of our years in the south. I am trying to convince myself that I may do alright in a place with moderate snow. Seriously people, I'm a knitter, I like to wear layers, these things just do not work with the weather here.

Other than the weather, we are still unpacking. We are at the most annoying phase of unpacking. It's where you have only a few boxes left, but you're completely *OVER* unpacking and organizing and you don't really care about the last few things in the boxes. You just want to be done. There have been a few jokes about just chucking the last of it out. The boxes are currently in the 2nd bedroom, and I'm anxious to start transforming it into Oz's room. He's never had a room of his own, so I have a lot of plans. I imagine it's how people feel when they are planning a nursery.

Cycling is fun! Unfortunately we don't get out as much as we would like. Oz LOVES riding around. It's really a great day out for all of us. I'm hoping once this stupid unpacking phase is done, more time will be free and we can just go and DO these things without feeling guilty about all the shit that actually needs to be done.

I also have my computer here now! YAY! APPLAUSE!!! But I can't find my USB to upload photos *sad trombone*. Need to find that.

It's Saturday and the mid-season finale of Doctor Who.

I have a jug of apple cider in the fridge.

There is a sweater that needs to be finished.

I can play autumn even if the weather won't co-operate.

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