Thursday, 9 February 2012

Outside my comfort zone.

I said I was going to do something outside of my comfort zone this year, and I've decided that shaving my head, while something i've always wanted to do, definitely falls outside the COMFORT ZONE. So today I did it. I signed up.

On March 18th, at Larkin's On the River downtown, I will have my head shaved! EEEP! It's kind of scary, but exciting. I'm really excited about doing something for charity. I don't have great hair, I don't love it and it has been in pretty bad shape for awhile, so really, it's a great excuse to just Start Over.

So, few friends who frequent this blog, if you have a couple dollars spare, I would appreciate it from the bottom of my blogger's heart. Enjoy the warm fuzzies that donating will provide your heart with, and I will look forward to feeling the wind whip across my badly head.


Kira said...

What you are doing is so so amazing, and I am so proud (and slightly jealous...!) of you! xx

Ashley said...

aw, thanks :) I can't do marathons, I'm just not "built" for it and I don't have the stamina. This I can do. I have always had the attitude that hair just "grows back". It's never permanent. I can do this :)