Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Oscar Loves the Ocean

This past weekend we took a short family trip to Charleston to visit my best friend, Wendy, and her family. Saturday we spent the day at the beach in Isle of Palms. It was absolutely lovely. It was warm and sunny and there were nice breezes and clouds to give us occasional breaks from the sunshine. All in all a perfect day.

This wasn't Oz's first time in the ocean. A few weeks ago we had been to Surfside (Myrtle Beach) and he loved the ocean. Being at the beach again, I was happy to see it wasn't a fluke.

My kid really loves the ocean. He crawls around in the water like it's his job. Last week he learned to walk, so there was walking in the ocean as well as crawling. I would say his favorite was walking in the water, and then plopping down in the waves to a huge splash.

Back before we had Oz, when I imagined parenting...it was moments like these. Watching your baby experiencing something new and taking so much joy from it makes your heart want to explode from happiness and pride. This, my friends, is the good life.

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