Monday, 11 July 2011


I've bitched about this a few times on facebook, but I'm really feeling the withdrawal. I miss my computer like nobody's business. I hate having to borrow someone else's (right now I am writing this on my mom's laptop, other times I am using Griff's). I can't upload photos to their laptops and I don't want to take the time to "get to know" their spaces when eventually mine will be making it's way home. But even once I have it back....

It'll be time to hit the road for our family road trip! I am so excited to get going. We are currently in the process of collecting camping gear, mapping out the route we want to go, and listing all the things we want to see.

The one thing I am concerned about it cloth diapering while on the road. It's not the finding places to wash them, it's the idea of leaving a diaper pail in the car while we're out and it just sitting in there smelling funky. I currently use tea tree oil to mask the scent and it does GREAT, but in a hot car for hours on end? I'm not so sure. Unfortunately, I haven't read much about cloth diapering on the road besides people recommending to use the trip as a chance to practice EC (no thank you. Oz uses a potty sometimes, but not nearly enough for.).

O, and completely random....apparently my hair is curly now? WHAT. THE. HELL. It's very cool and I love letting it air dry and it not looking like complete shite.

Anything else? I need to find more time to knit. So if you have some spare time going, I would gladly take some of that!


lifeversiontwo said...

We have two different types of wet bags, one is PUL with an elastic drawstring, and the other is not PUL, but some other sort of waterproofed fabric, and it seals with a zipper. We've left poopy diapers in both in the car for several hours, and come back to minimal stinkage. You can try spraying the diapers with Bac-Out before you stick them in the wet bag. It smells nice, and is great for stains and stink, too!

(I can't WAIT to hear your itinerary!)

Ashley said...

Bac-Out! I will check into it. There's a new Natural Baby store downtown and they have LOADS of cd'ing stuff (i bought oz a new FB in a beautiful teal color...). I have 3 zipper wet bags and i prefer them to the elastic. they never pull close tight enough. Good to know tho!

The itinerary is so hard! As soon as I think "yeah there's nothing we'll want to see in that state" i find something else i want to go see.