Monday, 21 February 2011

Holy Cloth Diapers, Batman!

I don't usually bang on about the fact that we use cloth, but I really want to share this experience from the past weekend:

We use Fuzzibunz and Grovia and have 20 of each. It's a pretty good stash and I love them both pretty much equally. In the evenings we use 1 'sposie (Huggies) because I haven't been able to use a cloth that doesn't irritate or leak during the evening. Oscar is a pretty heavy wetter during the nighttime, and I can only hope Mother Nature will forgive our nighttime 'sposie use.

The past weekend we went to Brighton. I originally wanted to use cloth for a weekend away, but I was midway stripping our stash and couldn't justify bringing half of what I needed. So we opted to use 'sposies the whole weekend.

(sidenote: I actually finished this post and then it deleted it. Now I have to re-write from here on and I'm really irked about this. Doesn't the internet know I only have so much time available while my baby naps?!?!)

We reach our destination and cannot find the Huggies I usually buy anywhere. I opt for the Natural Fit with cotton and all we could find were either Huggies Super Dry or Pampers Super Dry. We steer clear of Pampers because of Dry-Max and I wasn't thrilled about anything that says "Super Dry" on the packaging. But we were out of options and so we bought some.

On late Sunday afternoon I took Oz to a bathroom to change his diaper and I was absolutely slack-jawed surprised. A weekend of wearing Super-Dry nappies resulted in my son's bottom literally having the moisture sucked from his skin. It was all dry and cracked and well on it's way to being red. Because I use cloth I never carry around diaper ointment and I felt so horrible for him. For me tho, it was proof positive that cloth diapers aren't just good for the environment; they're good for his skin.

When we got home I slathered some coconut oil on his butt and got him in a Fuzzibunz. I'm still going to continue with our 1 'sposie at night, but I am now 100% sure that I am doing the right thing by keeping my baby in cloth. Amazing.


Ashley Paramor said...

AMEN Sista!

Stephie C said...

Oh no! Glad he got some relief! We are major lovers of the FB and Grovia too! For night time we just put two inserts in a FB! You may wanna give it a go....sure it makes for a huge bum but it is so cute ;) haha

Anonymous said...

I will happily donate a kidney to whomever can solve our night leaking issue. O leaks through ALL OF IT. Ugh.

And the decision to CD? WORD.