Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The going's on of these days

The sickness is neverending in this household lately. Except for Griff. Griff hasn't been sick at all. Lucky bastard. Me and Oz have been going rounds and it's exhausting. I'm starting my 2nd round of antibiotics to try and kick out a nasty sinus infection. Poor Oz is just teething. He's really a good sport about it tho, just a bit more clingy than normal. But it's made nighttime horrible because he just won't sleep for long periods; starts rolling over and waking himself up or just begins to wail. I'm sure my lack of sleep is contributing to me not getting better as well.

Today I got our Fuzzibunz stripped. Hopefully no more leaking for the time being. Luckily, the Grovia's have REALLY grown on me and I haven't missed the Fuzzi's too much. I think my mom and Griff actually prefer the Grovia. Personally, I just think I have a good stash and think both are great.

This weekend we should be going to Brighton! *fingers crossed* I need a good weekend away. This post is so boring! Bad, Ashley, bad! Hopefully after the weekend away I'll have something interesting to bring to the table.

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Kira said...

You're coming to Brighton and I'm going to London! When are you down? I hope you two feel better very soon. x