Monday, 18 October 2010

It's October, when did that happen?

The year is flying. Oscar is almost 5 months old and I look at him and think, "It took me forever to be just 5 months pregnant! How is this going by so quickly? I was pregnant forever!". But now more than half the month has been eaten into and I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I had hoped.

Every year I usually have a Halloween list of movies to watch. Yeah, that hasn't happened this year. We have been way to busy to watch a movie every evening. We have watched our fair share of the scary, but not nearly what we usually do. AND here's how much being a mommy has changed me...some scary movies I can't even watch anymore. Isn't that sad? I know the cool thing to say is "O being a mom hasn't changed me at all", but honestly people, I think it's changed me to my core...all in good ways of course. But yeah, that one was a shocker to me too.

We did get out to the Pumpkin patch though. Me and Oscar were both having a rough day and when Griff got home I insisted we get out of the house. He came home to a Mommy and Son sitting dressed and ready to go. So he googled the local farm that has a pumpkin patch and we were off. Fresh air is Oscar's cure-all so it was a lovely late afternoon out.


Stephie C said...

Aww and what great pics you captured! I agree mommyhood def does change you but almost always for the better!!!!

lifeversiontwo said...

I can't watch some stuff anymore. I've never been a scary movie watcher, but now I can't even watch TV shows like Law & Order without crying...